Do you have a team of counsellors ready to work from home? Would you like to focus their attention only on qualified students so they can convert easier and faster?


There are over a thousand apps available for Android devices alone that facilitate communication through social media or instant messaging services. Connecting with prospective students where they are communicating (Facebook, Whatsapp, WeChat, and so on…) can be time-consuming.
You cannot cover them all, can you? Sofiri has successfully recruited students from around the world using its innovative technology platform for the past two years. With this experience, we have created a peer-to-peer platform called Instant Qualified Applicant Platform (IQAP) that uses bots and natural language AI so that your counsellors can work optimally to advise and help pre-qualified prospective students with their applications.


Sofiri is trusted by many including

In a fast-moving world, where time is limited, we have created an app capable of responding to prospective students any day, any time.

About IQAP

IQAP can be used as a custom mobile app available in iOS or Android, or as a web app available via a URL. This app works 24/7, speaks several languages, is very efficient at qualifying prospective students and never gets tired.

Respond instantaneously

58% of prospective international students prefer to use real-time chat at all stages of communication; 73% to make an enquiry. Our bot will respond instantaneously in order to build student engagement 24/7.

Qualify with a bot

IQAP uses artificial intelligence (AI) to pre-qualify prospective students (based on location or citizenship, language, intended level of study).
IQAP will then notify in real-time via WhatsApp, email and SMS your counsellors about prospective student enquiries, allowing them to respond immediately from their mobile phones if they choose to.

Instant Qualified Applicant Platform (IQAP)

What's in it for you

IQAP is enabling agents like you to automate their messaging communications and to professionally manage thousands of enquiries a day via web or instant messaging apps.  These enquiries are responded to instantly, qualified and allocated to the most appropriate counsellors. This will help your counsellors successfully manage the journey from prospective student enquiry to an accepted application.

Reach more students

The average email open rate should be between 15-25%. On the other hand, the open rate through messenger apps is around 98%. Imagine getting almost all of your prospective students to take a look at what you can offer to them. This is already creating a much larger pool for conversion to application than e-mail could ever come close to.

Boost productivity

Boost your counsellors’ productivity, IQAP qualifies prospective students directly on their messenger apps so that your counsellors spend less time on unproductive conversations and instead focus on qualified prospective students. Provide your counsellors with the tools for them to engage prospective students directly on their phones.

Use your brand

The IQAP platform will be hosted in our domain, e.g. or a domain of your preference, e.g. It can also be installed in your existing Facebook Messenger account or we can create a complete new one, e.g. At all times it is your brand that is facing prospective students.

Receive full support

Our online training materials and assistance guarantee that your counsellors will make the best of the IQAP platform. The Sofiri team will service your counsellors to boost their performance and, in consequence, improve your recruitment performance.
There is also an option to use our marketing support campaign assistance to reach more aspiring students.

See what IQAP looks like for an agency

Experience IQAP

See for yourself what IQAP is like for an education agent


Embedded on your website

Hosted in Amazon

Web Experience

Access for students, agents counsellors, and administrators

Sign up with Facebook or Google



Apps use your brand

Recruit in a non-crowded marketplace

Google and Apple

Reach students anywhere, anytime

Enable counsellors to work on the go



Qualifying Bot

Available in seven languages

Messenger Bot

Installed in over 1 billion phones

Automated follow ups


"We have an IQAP platform for our counsellors to work from home, we are connecting them every day with students qualified via our Facebook Messenger bot".

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Social Media

Redirect students

IQAP will automatically assign your prospective students to the most appropriate counsellor.  It will use criteria like citizenship or language to choose who is the best person for your prospective student to connect with.

Start applications

IQAP helps your counsellors personalise advice and provide formal quotations, using up to date international currencies at the click of the button. IQAP also helps create better engagement of prospective students by providing Gen-Z friendly guidance on specific documentation uploads that are required for their particular course application, as well as on how to complete their Statements of Purpose. IQAP offers automated prompts and reminders via WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Email or SMS, encouraging prospective students to complete their applications. IQAP provides secure documentation uploads.


License Pricing

IQAP's pricing plans help you select the level of depth and engagement you want to apply. Using Facebook bots, you will have access to Wit.AI NLP and your own iOS and Android app that will help you heavily reduce your marketing cost.


For those wanting to use Facebook Bots

Facebook Messenger Bot

Email, WhatsApp and SMS notifications

Custom app for iOS and Android

Code to embed on your site

Support in seven languages

*Your portal in your domain


For those that want iOS and Android apps


Custom app for iOS and Android

*Your portal in your domain

Email notifications

Code to embed on your site

Support in seven languages

Facebook Messenger Bot



Get started with the basics

*Your portal in your domain

Code to embed on your site

Email notifications

One language only

Facebook Messenger Bot

WhatsApp Notifications


* You need to have a Wildcard SSL Certificate if you want to use your own domain


The Aspiring Student Digital Journey

Learn more about the future student journey and how IQAP intersects with it

IQAP is comprehensive

Digital Marketing

Generate demand


How do students become aware of study options for the first time? The role of marketing communications at this stage is vital; this is "push and pull" at its best; students are reached directly using paid marketing or are attracted by referees, influencers or organically.

Qualifying Bot

AI Powered

Expression of interest

At this stage, students want more information, the more information the student provides, the best it will be the answer. IQAP will qualify prospective student using bots in various langiages, servicing students 24/7 and using Natural Language Processing to then connect with the relevant counsellor.


Recruitment via web or app


In this critical stage, a peer-to-peer connection between a student and your student counsellor is what makes the difference and alters the future student journey. 

CRM Capabilities

Integrate with your CRM


Following student's counselling, communication and clarity about their study options, managing the student information along with providing quality information about the intended course or provider via quotes is part of a proper CRM execution. 


Recruit quality students


This is the climax in a journey that has a beginning, a middle, and an end. At this point, online applications are a must, long gone are the days of paper or PDF applications; the future of this stage is about machine learning and document verification.

Issue Offers

Automate conditional offers


This IQAP module is completely optional, if your partner education provider allows it, you can use IQAP  to issue conditional offers.


Connect students with student ambassadors or academic


It is very reasonable for students to hold in their hands more than one letter of offer, the average is three, and as application systems become more comfortable and faster to use, that number will increase. Leverate the power of peer-to-peer recruitment to convert student with offers from your own branded app.

End-to-end tracking

Funnel visualisation


This is the last stage of the aspiring student journey, and the beginning of one of the best experiences students will ever have. Many areas to consider, from accommodation to transportation. Track real outcome results using IQAP.